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Apprenticeship Program

Are you ready to start your career as a jewelry artist? The Amalgam Arts Apprenticeship Program will give you the foundation you require to fulfill on your dreams. In our Apprenticeship Program you will elevate your technical skills and increase your speed to create quality jewelry pieces and volume for inventory. Simultaneously you will have hands on experience in marketing your jewelry to successfully achieve income from doing what you love.

There are three modules to the Amalgam Arts Apprenticeship Program; Beginner, Intermediate and Mastery.

In the Beginner Module you will focus accuracy and building up speed with building block techniques such as working from patterns, measuring, soldering, forming, and finishing. The length of the module is eight months. Successful completion of the Beginners Module is necessary for you to continue to the next module. Tuition is $5,000.

In the Intermediate Module you will continue to grow in technical accuracy and speed. In addition, Marketing will be introduced for the first time. Weekly you will receive instruction on how to successfully market and sell the jewelry you’ve been making during the Apprenticeship Program. You will have hands on experience in working one on one with customers and will be able to earn a percentage of your sales. This experience will prove to be invaluable as you map your marketing skills onto your own business. The length of this module is eight months. Successful completion of the Intermediate Module is necessary for you to continue to the next module. Tuition is $5,000.

Finally, there is the Mastery Module. Here you will be working on more advanced types of jewelry, both one of a kind and limited edition pieces. There will be a concentration in handmade stone settings; bezels, tube settings, and prong settings. As in the two previous modules, the focus is both on accuracy and speed. Your marketing education will also continue into this module and you will be able to earn an increased percentage of jewelry sales that you will be trained to produce. Tuition is $5,000.

Graduation from these three modules will have you powerfully able to succeed as a jewelry artist. If this sounds like what you have been looking for, please contact jeweler and owner of Amalgam Arts Atlanta, Wendy Tonsits for further details.

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